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Who are MacRail?

MacRail has been helping Principal Rail Contractors to manage their work sites for over a decade. Our bespoke software and highly trained staff put us in the unique position of being able to satisfy our clients' requirements exactly. Our products and services can help you achieve targets, keep your workforce safe and mitigate risks.

No matter how big or small your project, MacRail can help you get the most from your work force. Whether that’s managing your Lone Workers, signing in your work force on a track renewal or Blockade, or facilitating Project Management via Silver Command, we have solutions to fit whatever type of Access Control and Site Management problems you may have.


Site Access Controller (SAC)

A MacRail SAC is the gatekeeper to your worksite and forms an integral part of your works project. Monitoring everything from the point of sign in through to sign out, your Site Access Controller is the heart of the worksite and enables you to fulfil your safety and audit commitments to your clients.

The SAC acts as a railway worksite’s administration centre, responsible for controlling access/egress to site and collating reports. They form a single point of contact from the worksite to the outside world and come fully equipped with all the tools they need to manage your worksite, including full PPE and ICI Competency. They are trained to recognise industry terms and have a working understanding of the processes and principles specific to rail maintenance projects.

Using our bespoke reporting software, your SAC can update our online suite of site reports, schedules and personnel registers, giving clients a realtime view of the status of their worksite, 24/7.

Duties that a SAC can perform include:

  • Sign workers in and out
  • Manage or print meal tickets
  • Hand out work schedules
  • PPE checks
  • Photographic PPE evidence
  • Access Point Audio recordings
  • Sentinel checks
  • Worker competency checks
  • Manage radios and equipment
  • Site briefings
  • Update schedules and progress
  • Perform maintenance checks
  • Recording Risk Assessment outcomes
  • Manage fatigue

24/7 Command & Control Centre

Operating out of our Weston-super-Mare Head Office, the Command and Control Centre is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It provides a cost effective solution for signing in and reporting on smaller sites, where a SAC is not required. Using this service across the board for your entire portfolio of work enables you to monitor 100% of your workforce in a single system with all of the benefits that our software brings.

The Command and Control Centre operatives can conduct sentinel checks and have the option to perform competency checks for key activities where requested – CoSS, ES, Lookout, etc. Built in system alerts enable them to monitor the fatigue and adherence to Working Time rules of all staff signed in through the MacRail system. In addition they can direct workers/contractors to site, act as a control room/contact centre, provide out of hours help and advice, and produce control reports on project progress on a frequency of your choosing.

If your project requires special attention or has specific reporting requirements then our Dedicated Control Service can be implemented. Using a specific set of resources, we can produce reports bespoke to your project, provide dedicated telephone numbers and dedicated staff to man them.


During the course of our Site Access and Project Management activities, we collect an enormous amount of data for our clients, all of which is securely stored and available for clients to download at any time. This data can be used to help you fully manage existing sites and to better plan future works. A full suite of reports is available at your fingertips to review, including:

  • Staff on your sites who have breached 12/14 hour rules
  • Plant Problems
  • Incidents On Site
  • Staff that Did Not Sign Out

Bespoke reporting (and associated data collection) can be arranged to suit your needs.

Command & Control Vehicle

The MacRail Command & Control Vehicle provides a nimble and versatile solution for sites that require a mobile Site Access Point. Our custom built vehicles have been designed with mobility and environmental awareness at their core. Our unique fuel cell technology enables the vehicle to provide a full 240 volts silently and with zero emissions, enabling you to meet corporate commitments to the environment and the needs of local residents.

Our vehicles can be deployed to remote locations and hard to reach worksites that larger vehicles may struggle to access. All Command & Control Vehicles come with a fully trained SAC/driver included in the service.

  • Optional Satellite broadband for remote areas
  • Ticker tape display
  • Video playback
  • Welfare facilities
  • Optional Wifi hotspot
  • Covered signing in window
  • Silent running fuel cell generator
  • External speakers for briefing
Command and Control Vehicle

Transport Management

MacRail recognise that workforce parking is an increasingly difficult issue to manage. Parking alongside work sites is often difficult at best and impossible at worst. To combat this, MacRail has teamed with a National mini-bus provider network to deliver workforce transportation solutions tailored to each clients’ specific requirements.

With an on-site Site Access Controller in local communication with the drivers – and with the MacRail Command and Control Centre, if necessary – clients can be assured that each mini-bus is being operated to its full potential and any queueing is minimised.

The mini-buses used are modern 16 seater vehicles with dedicated, fully insured, certificated and trained drivers. Typically a continuous shuttle service between the logistic hubs – site access, work access and RRV access points – can be arranged, with a number of other options available on a National basis, including transportation to and from accommodation to mitigate worker fatigue and driver safety risk.

Transport Management


Rail Forms

Create, complete and digitally sign all of your work site forms with RailForms from MacRail Systems. RailForms has been designed in conjunction with some of Network Rail’s leading Principal Contractors to be a secure, flexible platform to solve the problem of paper based forms.

With RailForms your worksites can be certified as safe and secure, your work activities can be recorded in real time and your track can be fully handed back with all the necessary supporting documentation completed in full. All without a single piece of paper entering the process.

Say goodbye to your paper based 'as built' forms, your stressing certificates, your safety briefs, handback forms and Risk Assessment paperwork. All of these and more can be completed online and digitally signed at the press of a button.

Rail Forms


Fatigue360 is a full end-to-end Fatigue Risk Management System, tailored for the Rail sector. This tool enables you to plan an entire job with a full view of the fatigue landscape across all of your workers, before, after and during the job.

Find out More

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Track Delivery Reporting

Upload your TILOS, Project or P6 plans and report progress in real time to your stakeholders, directly from site. Capture delivery times and add images direct from your phone and alert your on call chain at the press of a button.

Fully optimised for tablet and handheld devices, Track Delivery Reports keep you in control of project progress, directly from site. Use your own or take advantage of MacRail’s lease-to-buy iPad agreements.

Record milestone completion at the press of a button. Complement your notes with images from your phone to visually document your progress. Reassure your stakeholders that your project is progressing to plan.

Set up your alert chain and have all stakeholders notified by text or email. Our flexible alerting system allows you to specify the alert triggers and the distribution for each type of alert.

All of your updates are instantly uploaded to the cloud and securely stored against your MacRail work site. Give your stakeholders the ability to instantly track progress through the MacRail portal dashboard.

Workforce Portal

The MacRail Workforce Portal aggregates data recorded on multiple work sites to give Third Party Workforce suppliers total visibility of their workers’ activity across all MacRail supported jobs.

The basic service is free for all workforce suppliers and provides access to register information for verification of shift working times, as well as travel times for incorporation in to your fatigue model.

Each download is date and time stamped to confirm its authenticity in support of any time sheet enquires with PCs.

Workforce Portal Plus

Should sub-contractors demand a greater degree of access to workforce data, the Workforce Portal Plus service is available. Portal Plus gives you greater visibility of your worker’s conduct, effectiveness and activities when they are deployed on your clients’ work sites.

Get ahead of the curve with advanced notification of issues involving your staff and equipment. Receive instant alerts when your staff breach any of the ORR rules, or your client’s variations of those rules.

Portal Plus gives Workforce Suppliers and Sub-Contractors the following additional benefits:

  • CSV or Excel register history downloads to support payroll and invoicing automation
  • Monitor PPE and safety compliance at sign in
  • Receive HSE Fatigue ready sign in and out data
  • Run and schedule reports and download results in pdf, csv or Excel
  • Real time fatigue alerts to nominated management and, optionally, directly to affected workers
  • Access to all Diary, Plant and Close Call records related to your workforce
  • The ability to plug actual register data in to our Fatigue Manager service to instantly plan worker fatigue
  • Assistance in investigating PC queries on your behalf around issues such as Did Not Sign In/Outs, exceedances, equipment loans, etc.

Workforce Portal Plus extends your capacity for managing your staff. Contact us today to discuss a trial account of Workforce Portal Plus.

Working for MacRail

Site Access Controller (SAC)

PDF Icon Job Description

The Site Access Controller (SAC) ensures that only competent people access the worksite by checking that Sentinel track safety cards are valid, that Personal Protective Equipment is worn and that staff are briefed before starting work. In addition to this, the SAC liaises with the site supervisory personnel to receive work progress updates and to input that information onto the MacRail web site.

A working knowledge of railway engineering terminology would be very useful, although full training will be offered to suitable recruits.

SACs must be prepared to travel to different worksites depending on where engineering works are taking place (travel expenses payable).

Shifts may be days or nights, predominantly at weekends. Worksites may be located anywhere in the UK although SACs are usually recruited to work within the region they are based.

SACs will need:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Competent IT skills
  • Good attention to detail for accurate data entry
  • Problem solving skills
  • Professional demeanour as a MacRail representative

Currently Recruiting in:

  • Leeds
  • Doncaster
  • Scunthorpe


At present, all Site Access Controllers work under ‘zero-hours’ contracts where there is no obligation for employer or employee to offer or accept any work. Hours of work are not fixed but are allocated each week. This type of contract is common where the amount of work is varied or cyclical across a business and is common in the engineering and construction sectors, as well as being the usual form of contract for employment agencies.

However, although there are no guaranteed hours, MacRail will make every reasonable attempt to secure work for competent Site Access Controllers. Furthermore, all Macrail staff are directly employed by the company, paid monthly via the PAYE system, and will be entitled to statutory holiday pay on a pro-rata basis. Where applicable, Personal Track Safety (PTS) training and all Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will be provided by the company. MacRail Systems Limited is an equal opportunities employer.

Recruitment Process

Word Icon Download Application Form   PDF Icon Fair Processing Notice for Applicants

If you are interested in working for MacRail and would like to know what opportunities we have available, or to send your application form, (marked for the attention of Kenna Boyd) please contact us using the following:


Post: Unit 1 Morston Court
Aisecome Way
North Somerset
BS22 8NG